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Enigma is an ERC20 Token dedicated to the worlds strangest enigmas. Beginning with the Enigma of 23, which has ties into philosophy, mathematics, and Illuminati. In Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's Illuminatus! trilogy this is referred to as the 23/17 phenomenon. 

The 23 enigma is a belief in the significance of the number 23.[1] The concept of the 23 enigma has been popularized by various books, movies, and conspiracy theories, which suggest that the number 23 appears with unusual frequency in various contexts and may be a symbol of some larger, hidden significance. A topic related to the 23 enigma is eikositriophobia, which is the fear of the number 23. (wiki)


55% of presale funds will be used for liquidity. The remainder will be used for project development, team, exchanges.

1% Tax for team to drive production. 1% Tax For marketing to help drive growth.


Enigma is a community run token. Team members will generally be volunteers, and team composition could change at any time.


Enigma is a memecoin, built for entertainment purposes only, with no promise or expectation of any financial gain, and no publicly disclosed roadmap. Any efforts, expectations, or plans released by the team or community are strictly for fun. Memecoins come with extreme risk, and should not be used as investment vehicles for financial gain.

Built for those who are Enigmatic

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